BAIBA Pro combines advanced research on BAIBA with the long-trusted ingredients Saffron and EGCG in a supplement that helps you get a leg up on weight loss while protecting your overall health: • BAIBA is an exciting compound that mimics the fat-burning process that occurs during exercise and has been shown to help prevent bone and muscle loss • Saffron and EGCG (green tea extract) have long been trusted to suppress appetite and bolster weight loss.

Carb Defense Plus

Carb Defense Plus is a new supplement that allows your body to absorb the healthiest parts of any meal while helping it resist the absorption of carbohydrates! It can also help suppress appetite and manage blood sugar levels in the body using these proven ingredients: • Berberine slows or stops the breakdown of “bad” carbohydrates, which helps to lower blood sugar levels, appetite, and the conversion of carbs into fat • Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid (or Na-R-ALA) mimics insulin, which allows more blood sugar from carbs to be used in muscles, and less to get stored as fat • Saffron has been trusted for centuries as an appetite suppressant and has been shown to have various benefits for weight loss, improved mood, and elevated brain function With Carb Defense Plus, you can block bad carbs, control your blood sugar, suppress your appetite, and lose weight without feeling guilty about the occasional indulgence.

CBD Relief Wipes

Chronic pain, unexplainable aches, joints that seem to hurt out of nowhere — they’re frustrating enough when you don’t have things to do, and a real roadblock when you’re trying to accomplish something.

Easy Drop with slip pouch

Take the hassle out of your eye drops with EasyDrop glasses.

Easy Drop with Zipper pouch

Take the hassle out of your eye drops with EasyDrop glasses.

Gluco Guard

Do you sometimes feel bloated, queasy, or uncomfortable, without knowing why? More and more these days, people are paying closer attention to their diets and finding that there are certain ingredients they should stay away from.

Green Tea Metobolic Support

Green Tea Metabolic Support is a Keto-friendly supplement that contains a mix of ingredients that help you lose weight using your body’s natural, passive processes.

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