CBD Relief Wipes

1 Month Autoship - $39.95 Best Value
1 Month Supply - $46.95


Chronic pain, unexplainable aches, joints that seem to hurt out of nowhere — they’re frustrating enough when you don’t have things to do, and a real roadblock when you’re trying to accomplish something. You’d love to get a break from the discomfort, but when you’ve tried a dozen pain medications and you don’t have time to rest, how are you supposed to find relief? That’s where CBD Relief wipes come in — they offer a natural way to wipe away the pain. CBD Relief is a topical treatment and fresh solution to aches and pains, combining proven, naturally-occurring ingredients to provide pain relief on the go: • CBD (cannabidiol) is derived from the hemp plant and has been shown to have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as potential anti-anxiety and sleep benefits • It’s also non-habit forming and much easier on the body’s systems than opiates, NSAIDs, and other pain relievers • Coconut oil complements the CBD, making CBD Relief wipes soothing, moisturizing, and pleasant-smelling CBD Relief is feel-good pain relief. Because it’s organic, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and made in the USA, it wipes away aches and pains — and you can feel great about using it! Many topical pain medications are creams or sprays that are difficult to apply on the go without a mess. Meanwhile, since they’re individually wrapped, CBD Relief wipes can mellow out chronic pain with no mess and no hassle, enabling you to relieve your discomfort and relax with this soothing treatment, wherever and whenever you need it. Pain relief doesn’t have to be a pain, and topical pain products don’t have to contain messy ingredients that often sting and dry your skin. Relax, relieve, and restore your joints and other painful areas with this miraculous, mellowing compound. When pain flares up, wipe it back down with CBD Relief today!
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