Gluco Guard

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Do you sometimes feel bloated, queasy, or uncomfortable, without knowing why? More and more these days, people are paying closer attention to their diets and finding that there are certain ingredients they should stay away from. Not everyone has a full-blown food allergy, but plenty of people have sensitivities to gluten, lactose, soybean oil, or a wide range of other ingredients. Sure, you can try to avoid them, but here’s a secret: a lot of these things are hidden in plenty of foods where you don’t expect to find them. If you think you may have a sensitivity to gluten or another problem additive, GlucoGuard can be the answer. GlucoGuard is designed to cut through not just gluten, but a variety of the most irritating ingredients that may be making your life less comfortable — and less enjoyable: • Tolerase® G is currently the only dietary enzyme shown to help break down gluten in the stomach; while Tolerase® G can’t replace a gluten-free diet or treat celiac disease, it’s a cutting-edge aid for those with gluten sensitivity • Lactase is a long-trusted enzyme that cuts through lactose, a problem sugar found in milk products, and introducing more lactase to the body can help lactose-sensitive people • Alpha-galactosidase, or Alpha-GAL, has also been trusted for many years to help people digest beans and greens, and prevent excessive bloating and gas. Most people aren’t exactly sure what’s making their stomach upset, and getting tested can be expensive. That’s why we designed GlucoGuard to be a comprehensive, on-the-go solution. If you have multiple sensitivities or don’t know exactly what you’re sensitive to, GlucoGuard can block the effects of gluten, lactose, soybean oil, and more on your digestive system, providing the relief you’ve been searching for. We think that everyone deserves a bodyguard. And with GlucoGuard defending your digestive system, you don’t have to worry about what’s in your restaurant meals, and you don’t have to stop eating what you love. Don’t let food sensitivity get in your way: Try GlucoGuard today!
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